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W-2/1099 Form Filing Requirements for Delaware

2018 Form W2 for the State of Delaware

Form W-2

Employers in Delaware who have withheld taxes from their employees wages for the 2018 tax year are required to file Form W-2 to the Delaware Division of Revenue (DOR). Form W-2 is an information return used to report wages provided to the employees and the taxes (Social Security, Medicare) deducted from their wages. If you don’t have tax withholding for the State of Delaware, you are not required to file W-2’s.

Form 1099

The State of Delaware mandates the filing of Form 1099. Form 1099 is a series of tax forms used to report payments for contractors, rents, interest, dividends, real estate transaction, and more. The State of Delaware mandates the filing of Form 1099.

The 1099 Forms required to be filed with the State of Delaware include:

  • Form 1099-MISC - Report the total amount of payments you made for a non-employee, rents, etc., during the year.
  • Form 1099-R - to report amount provided for pensions, annuities, retirement or profit sharing plans, IRAs, etc.,
2018 Form 1099 for the State of Delaware

CF/SF Program

Combined Federal/State Filing Program let you to automatically forward your 1099 information returns to your state when you file your returns with the Federal. And the State of Delaware participates in this program. Even if it is participates in the CF/SF program, you are required to file 1099 Forms directly to the DOR.

Delaware Form W-3: Annual Withholding Reconciliation

Businesses/Individuals in Delaware need to file Annual Withholding Reconciliation Form W-3 along with the W2/1099 Form, only if filed by paper. It is used to report the wages, state taxes withheld from the employees’ paycheck.

Deadline to File 2018 W-2/1099 Tax Forms with the State of Delaware

2018 W2 Filing Deadline for the State of Delaware

Form W-2

W-2 Filing deadline is
January 31, 2019

2018 1099 Filing Deadline for the State of Delaware

Form 1099

Filing form 1099-MISC (NEC Only) is due by January 31, 2019

Filing forms 1099-MISC (Expect NEC), 1099-R is due by April 02, 2019

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Information Required to file W-2/1099 Tax Forms with the State of Delaware

You need to have the below-mentioned information before beginning your tax filing

Employer/Payer Details Employee/Recipient Details Federal & State Details
Name, Address, EIN/SSN, Employer Code, Employer Type. Name, Address, EIN/SSN and Contact Information. Federal, & State Income and Taxes Withheld.

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Postal Mailing

Postal Mailing

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Print Center

Print Center

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Other Supported Federal Forms

Other Supported Federal Forms

You can also e-file your federal employment tax Forms such as 941, 940, 1095 Forms along with your W2s & 1099s.

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Add Employee Details

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Recipient details

Enter Federal and State Details

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Review, Pay and Transmit

Finally Review, Pay and transmit the Forms

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